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Clustered Computing

Clustered Computing

Because of the qualities of big data, individual computers are often inadequate for handling the data at most stages. To better address the high storage and computational needs of big data, computer clusters are a better fit.

Big data clustering software combines the resources of many smaller machines, seeking to provide a number of benefits:

  • Resource Pooling: Combining the available storage space to hold data is a clear benefit, but CPU and memory pooling is also extremely important. Processing large datasets requires large amounts of all three of these resources.
  • High Availability: Clusters can provide varying levels of fault tolerance and availability guarantees to prevent hardware or software failures from affecting access to data and processing. This becomes increasingly important as we continue to emphasize the importance of real-time analytics.
  • Easy Scalability: Clusters make it easy to scale horizontally by adding additional machines to the group. This means the system can react to changes in resource requirements without expanding the physical resources on a machine.

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